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About Us

Battle Tested

Shortline Partners was formed by a senior team of experienced Operating Partners.  We have led businesses through many different types of transformations:

- Leveraged buyouts

- Corporate carve-outs

- Organic/strategic growth execution

- Lender takeovers (pre & post bankruptcy)

- Mergers & platform integrations

- Restructurings

Most importantly, we have deep experience in identifying and delivering value in private equity.  We are operators - not consultants that simply create a plan and move on to the next assignment.  We have many years of experience in following initiatives through to completion.  We are unphased when problems arise; we understand and manage through complex strategic & tactical risks.

Shortline Partners has all critical functions covered with senior-level talent: Business Strategy, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources and IT.  We capture opportunities at the "whole company" level rather than sub-optimizing within silos.

With over 100 combined years of experience in private equity, we understand the need to focus on EBITDA, and don't waste time with plans and theoretical value that cannot be realized.  We understand how to partner with portfolio company management teams to get things done.