Shortline Partners Services

Our core offering is focused on strategically assessing the current state, creating a plan that maximizes value going forward, and then executing the plan.  This approach can be applied in various contexts:

Leveraged buyouts

Corporate carve-outs

Mergers & platform integrations

Organic/strategic growth execution


Lender takeovers & pre/post-bankruptcy

Our approach is customized based on the specific situation and your objectives.


Strategic Assessment and Plan Creation


• Financial position and trajectory

• Market and competitive environment

• Functional capabilities/ gaps

• Current sources of EBITDA contribution

Improvement Plan

• Competitive strategy (target customers, offering and value proposition)

• Strategic initiatives, impact, owners, milestones and timing

• Resource requirements

• Risk assessment & mitigation

• Financial projections/plan

Plan Execution

Performance monitoring and course-correction

• Review format and frequency

• Review prep support

• Required course correction

Specific initiative support, e.g.

• Operational effectiveness

• Commercial effectiveness

• IT/digital transformation

• Talent management

• Procurement

Interim management (CEO, CFO, COO, CHRO, CIO)